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“YOU – IN A BOTTLE” – Bespoke Fragrances from Pecksniffs

As a premier independent British Fragrance and Cosmetic House, embodying a passion for quality and exclusivity. Pecksniffs has just launched their brand new online shopping website! Their store based in Brighton, now you can save your trip and shop everything online!


“Having your own personal bespoke fragrance signifies the height of exclusivity and luxury. Making for a most desirable gift whether to a loved one or to yourself, your own hand-designed scent will always reflect something truly unique, be it your own inimitable style; a special occasion, wedding or anniversary to be marked and remembered forever; or a way for you to make someone special feel sincerely cherished. For over three decades we at Pecksniff’s have been perfecting our craft as architects of scent, specialising in the art of creating bespoke fragrances for both men and women using only the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world.”

Click the picture to find out more about their bespoke service…


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